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据天然气资讯11月9日消息称,MAN能源解决方案公司和韦塞尔斯海洋公司进行了一项技术展示,2017年改装的1036标准箱支线集装箱船“韦斯艾美”号将使用可再生电力能源生产的液化合成天然气(SNG)作为主要燃料。两家公司正在与Nauticor和Unifeeder 合作进行韦斯艾美项目。



由Wessels Reederei(Haren / Ems)拥有和管理的“韦斯艾美”号以前曾在2017年成为头条新闻,当时将其MAN 8L48 / 60B主发动机改装为当前的四冲程MAN 51 / 60DF装置,该装置可实现双燃料运行——世界上第一次出现这种类型的改装。

奥格斯堡MAN PrimeServ负责人Stefan Eefting表示:“这是我们自2016年以来推动的海上能源转型的又一个重要里程碑和概念验证。我们坚信,以LNG和SNG为燃料的路线图,可以引领航运业走向脱碳的未来,并且在韦塞尔斯海洋公司中,我们拥有完美的合作伙伴。”

韦塞尔斯海洋公司常务董事Christian Hoepfner表示:“ 韦斯艾美项目一直致力于证明技术上可行,同时指出必要的监管行动使之成为可能,最初对液化天然气的改造得到了德国政府的支持,这在经济上是可行的,但这对环境来说是一个巨大的成功,因为它大幅减少了排放。结果,现在有一个改进计划,可以进行更多的改进。”


Stefan Eefting补充说:“为了降低未来全球贸易供应链产生的排放,合成燃料扮演了关键角色。特别是在航运方面,仅使用电池是不可行的,任何成功的脱碳努力都需要解决燃料问题。电转X技术允许使用可再生能源生产100%气候零负荷的天然气。该这项技术有巨大的潜力,需要摆脱监管负担,需要在工业规模上进行开发,以降低成本。”

曹海斌 摘译自 天然气资讯


MAN and Wessels cooperate align="justify">MAN Energy Solutions and Wessels Marine GmbH have announced a technical showcase whereby the 2017-retrofitted ‘Wes Amelie’, a 1036 teu feeder container ship, will use liquefied synthetic natural gas (SNG) produced from renewable electrical energy as drop-in fuel. The companies are cooperating align="justify">To demonstrate that SNG can successfully be used as shipping fuel, 20 of the 120 t of LNG that the Wes Amelie typically uses per round trip will be replaced by climate-neutral SNG. As a result, CO2 emissions are expected to decline by 56 t for this trip.

Audi’s power-to-gas facility in Werlte, where a liquefaction plant is currently under construction, will provide the SNG, which will be generated by wind energy and is thus 100% climate-neutral. The SNG trip will take place after the completion of the liquefaction plant in 2Q20.

The Wes Amelie, owned and managed by Wessels Reederei (Haren/Ems), previously made headlines in 2017 when its MAN 8L48/60B main engine was retrofitted to its current, four-stroke MAN 51/60DF unit that enables dual-fuel operation – the first such conversion of its type the world had ever seen.

Stefan Eefting – Head of MAN PrimeServ in Augsburg – said: “This is another important milestone and proof of concept for the Maritime Energy Transition, the initiative we have been driving since 2016. We strongly believe that a roadmap based align="justify">“The Wes Amelie project has always been about demonstrating the technologically doable while pointing out the regulatory actions necessary to make it possible,” said Christian Hoepfner, Managing Owner of Wessels Marine, Hamburg. “The initial retrofit to LNG took support from the German Government to be financially viable, but it was a huge success for the environment in that it drastically reduced emissions. As a consequence, there now is a retrofit programme in place to make more retrofits happen.”

He continued: “In another world-first, we will now demonstrate that SNG can successfully be used to reduce harmful emissions even further as the fuel is climate-neutral. However the costs are still way too high. Going forward, governments and regulators will have to work together to make this a viable and available option for ship owners.”

Stefan Eefting added: “To bring down future emissions generated in the global-trade supply chain, synthetic fuels play a crucial role. Especially in shipping, the use of batteries alone is not a viable option and any successful decarbonisation efforts need to address the fuel. Power-to-X technology allows the generation of 100% climate-neutral natural gas from renewable energy. This technology has tremendous potential and needs to be freed from regulatory burdens and to be developed align="justify">